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Live Stage Performance for Wedding

Stage performances are the rage this wedding season

Weddings have always been a symbol of frolic and fun. We have always waited for those special moments that give us lifelong memories. But nothing can beat stage performances. They are simply the best source of entertainment in wedding. The best live stage performance for wedding is Hinglish the band. It has unmatched vibrancy and feel attached to it. You'll experience a well spent evening/night when you have this trio in the house. Excellent mixing of songs, whether it'd be EDM, House, Deep House or Bollywood.

Gunjan Sharma forms the crux of the group and is known to be among the best singers going around in the wedding entertainment industry. Many have seen him grow both into a superb live event & studio professional. He has great crowd pulling techniques in live shows over & above his singing skills. When you hear him play, you will know he is the best man on the job, skilled with the artistry, has the power wielded by a unique artist uncoupled from musical trends, determined not to repeat himself, in an increasingly homogenous and repetitive industry.

Kunwar Singh and Rishi J are also not far behind. Both of them started out as successful businessmen but fate had other plans. Their super hit song Dil Tuteya brought them worldwide acclaim. They decided to pursue singing as a profession and have since never looked back. What are you waiting for? Book them now!