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Live Singers for Cocktail Party

Looking for the best Cocktail party singers? Hinglish is your answer

The trio of Gunjan Sharma, Rishi J and Kunwar Singh are here to rock your world and give you a lifetime experience. They have been performing for years in big fat Indian weddings, corporate parties and big budget productions. Such is their popularity that there is a long waiting list for them and couples wait for months on end to get a chance for them to have these superb artists perform at their weddings. They are the best choice for live singers for Cocktail party.

The duo of Rishi J and Kunwar Singh is known all around the world as the singers of the super hit song Taara Tuteya. The have achieved worldwide acclaim and have scores of fans behind them. Gunjan Sharma on the other hand, is known for rising from the bottom to become a top musician. He has been singing for more than a decade now. The Punjabi lad, who started off as a DJ is now one of the most versatile singers in the industry. He has his own compositions and remixes which is sings much to the delight of his fans.

Another added advantage is that they dress up for the occasion. They know what kind of crowds they are dealing with and have their unique style which they bring to the table. I f you want to make your cocktail night a super duper hit, rest assured that Hinglish is your answer.