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Live performance for Cocktail Party

Looking for Music and Entertainment for Cocktail Party? Hinglish is the way to go

Cocktail parties precede the main event- the wedding. You want their guests to be all charged up for the Big Day. To ensure your cocktail party is not a dull affair, book the services of Hinglish the band. There will never disappoint you. They are among the best live performance for cocktail party you will ever see in your life.

The trio, composed of Gunjan Sharma, Rishi J and Kunwar Singh have been in the entertainment industry long enough to realise what you want and what your expectations are. They never fall short of it. They are simply amazing. The singers of the famous song Dil Tuteya (Kunwar Singh and Rishi J) have joined hands with Gunjan Sharma to become the talk of the town.

The band and its members are dedicated towards the idea of perfect entertainment. They play soulful music as well as Bollywood hit dance numbers. Members of the band are Sufi fans too, and have delved deep into the genre. The kind of music they play is popular among the masses and also includes Bollywood hit tracks in their own style and version.

o date, with various experiments on different styles and songs, Hinglish stands united with their very own compositions and music, having withstood the test of time. So, book them to have a great time guys !