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Live Bands in Delhi

Why a live band performance is far better than a DJ

You want your wedding to be a memorable one. But the question arises whether you should hire a live band or a wedding DJ. We believe that there is no substitute to the personal touch and experience provided by a live band. Personal experience has made us realise that knowing the mood and desires of the crowd is the most important key to success.

A live band is distinctive that other forms of entertainment. They prepare specifically according to your tastes rather than a DJ who usually dishes out the same stuff at every event. Most bands have a trademark style that separates them from others. You can identify with the band members and fall in love with their style.

Unlike DJs, live Bands dress up for the occasion and look the part. Whether it’s a Punjabi wedding, a lavish royal wedding, a destination wedding, they’ve got it all covered. They bring their own brand of music and have many tricks up their sleeve. Wedding DJs can lack some of the “wow factor” that a band has because they don’t have several entertainers performing.

This is the reason people go out to see a band while they go out to dance to a DJ. There’s a big difference. Hinglish the band is simply one of the best live bands in India today. They have years of experience in making weddings successful and have a large list of satisfied customers.

Get on your Feet because Hinglish the Band is coming to your event

There are two types of events. Those that are dull and boring. And those which are memorable and happening. We all know that you prefer your event to be the latter. So, stop contemplating and call Hinglish The Band to your event. The trio of the dynamic Gunjan Sharma, the talented Kunwar Singh and the versatile Rishi J are coming to make your event the talk of town. All three have garnered fans and adoration through sheer hard work and developing a special connect with the guests. The duo of Rishi J and Kunwar Singh is known all around the world as the singers of the super hit song TaaraTuteya.

The have achieved worldwide acclaim and have scores of fans behind them. Gunjan Sharma on the other hand, is known for rising from the bottom to become a top musician. He has been singing for more than a decade now. The Punjabi lad, who started off as a DJ is now one of the most versatile singers in the industry. He has his own compositions and remixes which is sings much to the delight of his fans.

Move over poor recorded music and loud DJs who don’t make any sense and welcome the outstanding loud music of the best artists in town. Hinglish has performed at weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries and special events as well. The band sings, dances, entertains, anchors and lights up the stage with their antics. Hinglish the band is a complete package. Once you call these guys, you can forget about anyone else. If you’re looking for a great live band in Delhi, Hinglish should be the name on your lips.

Always in demand, the band has entertained packed house in Udaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and even many countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Bahamas among others. The band specialises in customised performance. Each artist has a specified role which he performs to perfection. There is a separate outfit for each event, depending on the theme and the crowd. If you have any special requests, just inform the band and they will take care of it. There is heart and emotion in every show, so you will never be disappointed with what they have to offer.

Don’t wait a minute more! Call the diverse and energetic band to your event and watch as they make it very special and memorable for you as well as your guests!