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Famous Live Singers

Things to look out for in a Live Singer for your wedding

Searching for famous live singers to perform at your wedding? We’ve got your back. We list down the various attributes you should look for in a performer while selecting him for the job.

Firstly, and most importantly is the element of crowd engagement. You should feel excited and happy to see him on stage. The artist should be able to draw in crowds. He should be able to bring life into the party. Guests should stand up from their seats and hit the dance floor.

Secondly, the guy should be able to sing. Whether its Punjabi songs, Bollywood hits, old classics or even Hollywood blockbusters. He should be well versed with art of singing because that’s his job. It is even better if he has his own remixes of popular songs and adds a touch of his own magic to them. As a live singer, it is his foremost job to know the lyrics by heart and soul and sing your favourite tunes at a simple request.

Lastly, since singing and dancing go together, he should be able to dance well in front of live audience. Nobody likes a dud on stage. Everyone likes a performer who can shake a leg and perform moves that that we can follow.

Hinglish the band is the epitome of these qualities and they are a complete package of entertainment. Singing, dancing and most importantly entertaining is in their blood. Book them now to have the most fun you’ve had in a long time.