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Energetic Live band for Wedding

Want to add fun and energy to your wedding? Hinglish is what you’re looking for

Hinglish has been making weddings come to life for many years now. The group has performed in innumerable weddings in Delhi and abroad. They have engaged crowds to a level never seen before. They have made wedding entertainment seem like the best part of the wedding. Gunjan Sharma is an integral part of the band. The music versions played by him are really mind blowing. He is still exploring more and going to the depths. He has been actively participating in different concerts as well. He knows what you like and plays only the best songs.

You must have seen so many bands and people performing live but this band has cast a spell on wedding guests in Delhi. Passion, compassion, madness yet sweet compelling melody driving crowds’ crazy. In the industry which requires adjustment across all genres, they have the willingness to adjust accordingly to every genre's demands. Extremely hardworking and very dedicated towards their passion, they have the patience to take in everyone’s requests.

The best band you will come across. These guys are awesome musicians. Each member is best in their respective fields. They have the best Sufi voice as well. All their creations and covers are mesmerizing. They take turns taking the lead and amaze the crowd with their versatility. They are the best energetic live band for wedding. Hire them for an amazing night.