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Bollywood band for wedding

The reason we love Bollywood music so much

As Indians, we are in love with our music and our culture. We identify with it. We do not get enough of it. It is in our blood. But why are we so fascinated by Bollywood music? What is it that makes it so special? We list down the reason Bollywood has made a place in our hearts.

There is really something interesting about Bollywood music. It does not belong to any genre, it is a category in itself. They have so much variety. From rock, to hip hop, to Bhangra (which is technically not even Hindi, but Punjabi music), to sufi, to oriental, among many others. Even more interesting, is how certain composers, like AR Rahman and Amit Trivedi, sometimes blend various genres in one song. Then there are the new comers, such as Diljit and Arijit Singh who have recently joined the party and made it their own.

Bollywood music is full of peppy numbers, in which the main chorus of the song: the repetition of the main lyrics, along with the way they keep appearing in the song, can lead to you getting quickly addicted to it.

Hinglish the band is group of 3 Punjabi lads who specialise in singing the most entertaining Bollywood songs. If you’re looking for Bollywood singers for wedding, they are your answer.They know what entertains the crowd. Such will be their performance that it will be hard to for you to get the tune out of your head.