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What makes Hinglish stand out from the crowd?

If you are looking for a party singers in Delhi, you must have surely stumbled upon Hinglish the band. Either a friend or a close relative or if you’ve been lucky, you would have seen them perform in a wedding. So, what makes them so special. We give you the reasons for their popularity and how there are such a big name in the wedding industry.

The trio of Gunjan Sharma, Kunwar Singh and Rishi J are extremely talented and versatile singers who decided to form a band to entertain wedding audiences and make a name for themselves. They blend an array of music of your favourite modern & classic songs with a touch of their own. No big fat Indian wedding is complete without their presence.

They do weddings and private parties as well- any event where you literally want to dance your heart out. They literally bring the house down. Each performance is tailor made according to the requirements of the crowd. Whether its Punjabi Dhol, Bollywood hit, the latest chart busters or even the old classics presented in their own way, they have been there and done that.

There is something called an expectation and then there is something called a dream-they bridge that gap with their superlative performance. They transport you into another world. We assure you that you will truly be upset when that music stops.